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Privacy Policy

Last updated: July 13, 2019

This is where we all agree to be friends. The below basically says we won’t abuse, sell, or be reckless with your personal information. We’re reasonable people running an ethical business and plan to stay out of the news for that topic.

Except as otherwise required or permitted by law, any information regarding a Scholar Raise account owner or beneficiary will not be shared with anyone other than the account owner, an authorized representative, or those employees and/or service providers who access such information to provide services to the account owner or beneficiary.

Scholar Raise will make every reasonable effort to keep your data safe through encryption and other modern web security practices. We promise to never sell your information - ever. You have the right to completely control and access your data (it is your information after all) and may request it at any time and/or request to have it deleted.

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If you need to get in touch with Scholar Raise regarding any related issues, requests, or concerns please email or call 615-517-2064.